Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Baby Dino Plush

Hey everyone, it's Meagan again!
While Rachel and I don't have the pleasure of living together
 over the summer, that doesn't stop our crafting.

My cousin is going to have her second baby this July and so I thought
I would welcome him with something handmade. I found
this adorable sewing pattern online and thought it seemed easy enough that 
even I, an amateur sewer, should be able to handle it. 

I've heard that babies love to feel those silky tags and thought this would be a 
cuddly and soothing plushie for the new baby.The instructions 
are fairly simple (but of course I found a way to mess 
it up and put the ribbons inside out the first time). 

And here is my finished product!

My sewing is certainly not perfect; you can see the stitches in more than a few places, but since the recipient is going to be pooping in his pants for a few years, I have a feeling he won't mind.

(apologies that I do not have Rachel's awesome camera or photography skills)

If you guys know of any other easy sewing patterns like this one let me know! I would love to make something from the same fabric for his big brother.


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