Monday, April 28, 2014

Body Shop

EEEE, I went a little crazy on the Body Shop website.
Luckily, I had a good excuse. 

I have heard about cooling lotions and really wanted to try one out.
As I discuss in this post, the summers are really hard on me.
I am really hoping the cooling products I purchased will help with some of that!

So here we gooooooo!

So the deal was buy 2 get 2. 
So, I got two cooling products and two satsuma products!
(Their satsuma products are the best thing I have ever smelled.)

The satsuma items I purchased were their shower gel and their body spray.
Let me know if you guys want a review of those sometime!

On to the cooling !

This is the peppermint cooling foot spray. I read a lot of reviews about this guy
and I plan on using it on my legs and wrists as well as my feet to really cool myself off.
I am really hopeful this works well for me because that would truly be a life changer.
This stuff does smell great and I will let you guys know how it works when the weather gets warmer.

I also purchased the cooling foot lotion which again I plan on using on my legs and such as well.
This stuff has the same scent as the spray and seems to be pretty moisturizing.
It definitely has cooling properties which I hope are just as effective in the summer.

Let me guys know if you have used any cooling products
 (I've heard they can be very helpful during pregnancy)
or if there are any great Body Shop items you love!

You can get all the items I discussed right here.
I recommend signing up for their emails and waiting for a good deal and free shipping!

Thanks for reading!

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