Sunday, April 6, 2014

Fake Food Flashback

Nearly a year ago, one of my favorite little girls turned 2. As she is the only little munchkin in my life, I spend most of my crafting time working on projects for her (2 year old girls are a lot easier to crochet for than my old man).
I figured I would share some old images of a few of the crocheted gifts I made for her! I hope you can use these for inspiration in your own crafting adventures!

The doughnuts and strawberry patterns were made up by looking at pictures but the cheeseburger pattern can be found here: Nerdigurumi.

My dad decided I needed a real doughnut box, so this was his little victory. 

These are still a huge hit at playtime!

And some healthy strawberries to balance out the half dozen doughnuts.
3 strawberries makes that balanced, right?

And for the main course...


I hope you guys enjoyed viewing this post! Please share any great food/toy crochet items you have made with me! I love to see what everyone is making.

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