Friday, April 11, 2014

Toner Review

I was super skeptical about this toner. 
Whenever I have tried to use toner in the past it has made my skin super dry so I tend to avoid them. 

Why did I pick this up then?
I had seen this line from Boots (UK Brand) being sold at Target and really wanted to try one of their products. At the time I was really loving the face wash and moisturizer I was using so I decided to try their toner.
I am so glad I did! 
This stuff doesn't irritate my skin at all, and it removes makeup that I didn't even know was still there after washing my face. 
In a nutshell, this toner just makes my face super clean without any irritation. 
For less than $5 this is a product I definitely recommend and will purchase again!

In fact, I am almost out so I better make a Target run.
(I always have an excuse to make a Target run)

Let me know if you've tried this toner or know of any other good ones!
I've been thinking about trying to use apple cider vinegar as toner,
has anybody tried that?
Let me know.

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