Wednesday, April 9, 2014

This is gonna get weird...

My name is Rachel and I am addicted to rubbing chafing gel on my face.

You think I'm weird...
Damn, just when we were getting along.
Stay and hear me out?

I have tried too many drugstore primers because I have gross skin that requires a lot of foundation and concealer before I can let my dog see me. (Don't let anyone's opinion of you determine how much makeup you wear, unless it is a dog. You are an independent woman. But your dog knows best.)

I am a poor college student so I can in no way justify a fancy shmancy invisible magic potion for my face (READ: Primer that costs more than $10). Luckily, I was reading the comments in a random beauty blog when I saw someone mention using Monistat Soothing Care Chafing Relief Powder-Gel as face primer. I believe everything I read on the internet so I hopped on Google to find a coupon ($2 off!) and ran to the local Wally World. With my coupon I spent a whopping $4. All I remember thinking while reluctantly handing over my money was "During Taco Bell happier hour this could get me a medium drink, bean burrito, and an order of nachos and cheese. Shit better be worth it."

Hands down the best primer I have EVER used. It makes my face feel super soft and delicious AND it keeps my makeup on for so long that I actually have makeup to take off at night! If I top my liquid foundation with any powder this stuff keeps it on and grease free all day. 

Now, you may still think I am weird but put that aside for a minute to try this stuff. I definitely recommend it. Side note, I have super sensitive skin and this stuff has not made my face break out anymore than it already was. Double side note, I have been using this tube everyday since September and it is still nearly full. 

Alright dudes, that's all I have to say about that. 
Keep it real. 


  1. Haha your dog knows best...that made me laugh :)