Friday, April 25, 2014

Chair Update

Last summer I found a directors chair on the curb.
It was missing the fabric parts and my boyfriend insisted the wood was broken.

He just didn't want to pick it up and knew he would be forced into cleaning it.

After a lot of begging and reminders of how cute I am, he begrudgingly put it in the car for me.

I feel like I may have made him pick up a little too much "trash" that summer.

A few days later we (he was right, I forced him to help) cleaned it up and I made a new cloth seat and back for it out of this insane upholstery fabric I picked up at a house sale for $1:

Isn't it so perfect in the creepiest way?!

Here is the final product:

So cute! 
It just goes to show you that taking the time to fix up someones trash can truly create a treasure.
Let me know of any great curb finds you've had and what, if anything, you did to jazz them up!



  1. That material is def creepy but that makes me like it haha! Today actually (university kids all getting rid of their old furniture) I found a gorgeous glass coffee table, it had paint spilled on it and they must not have known how to get it off.. so excited to clean it!

    1. I like everything to be a just a bit creepy :)
      College kids ditching their furniture is the best! I hope the paint comes off easy for you!

  2. I love how you've customised this - the material is so funny haha ;)
    I don't know whether you're a fan of tags but I've nominated you for a Liebster award on my blog :)
    Mia x

    1. Thank you! I will do the tag soon :)