Wednesday, April 30, 2014

How to Make an Old Couch New Again!

Today is rainy and chilly and I just wanted to do inside things.
So I did! 
Mostly a lot of boring kitchen cleaning, but I also did a little DIY project I have been wanting to do.

Let's jump right in !

This is my couch. 
It's a hand-me-down from my cousin that has seen many different homes, a few dogs, and one crazy baby.
It really shows its age so I decided to spiff it up a bit!

First, I took the covers off the bottom cushions and the pillows and threw them in the laundry.
(They were long overdue for a good washing.)
Once the bottom cushions were off I gave it a good vacuum as well (normal, boring cleaning stuff).

If you're wondering, the cushions look like this without the covers:

Just foam! Boring.

I then took this stuff:
(Just some padding)

And I cut a piece for each cushion to add some nice padding for my bum.

Then I took my fake snow (this stuff is great to buy after Christmas, 
because it gets super cheap and works just like normal stuffing)!

And I just stuffed this into the back cushions (they have a zipper on the bottom).
I also took out some of the old, padded down stuffing that was in them and broke  it apart 
and moved it around to make everything more even.

With one cushion done the couch looked like this:

Then I did the other cushion...

And then when I finished the laundry, I was able to put the covers back on the 
bottom cushions (now with extra padding)!

Final product is...

I love it and it is soooo comfy now!

This update cost me a dollar.
(Got the stuffing for 75 cents after Christmas, and the padding for a quarter at a garage sale)
So so so worth it if you ask me!

Also, in actual time spent working this project took me less than a half hour.

Let me know if you guys have any great home-update ideas.
It feels so nice to make my old things feel new again.
And just look at the difference!

Thanks for reading