Sunday, April 13, 2014

Curious About Candles?

With all my neurological symptoms I always figured candles were a bad idea for me.
Also, my father is a firefighter so they were forbidden at home.
Recently, I have found some candles that don't trigger my symptoms and have gotten a little candle-obsessed. 
I hope to review some candles I have tried on both the scents and lasting power as well as the effects they have on me. I know everything affects everyone differently but it may be nice to have some information before purchasing.
The candle I am going to talk about today was purchased during the Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual Sale for four dollars. It came in such a cute jar I couldn't pass it up!

Adorable, right?!
So I love the smell straight from the candle but when burning its a lot less like a field of apples and a lot more sickly sweet smelling. It definitely gives me a headache and some trouble seeing. 
Personally, I would not repurchase this candle even if it didn't make me sick as the smell of it burning isn't what I was lead to believe it was by sniffing the candle. 
I will be giving this one to my roommate to burn when I'm not home. 

Let me know of any candles that you like (or don't). 

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