Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Q & A a Day

I came across this journal while procrastinating last October. The design of this book allows you to answer a question a day, everyday, for 5 years. The questions repeat on the same day every year, allowing you to reflect on the changes occurring in your life and within yourself.

It quickly became a part of my daily routine, allowing me to reflect on my day or write down a quick answer to a silly question. 

During a time of my life that is filled with turmoil, this journal has allowed me a few minutes each day to just focus on myself and answer a question. I am not a journal person, I have never been able to keep one for more than 3 days. I am now in my sixth month of using this journal and going strong. 

The thing is also just stinkin' adorable so I love setting it out to casually look like a journal person who has her life together.

I am fooling no one. 

Obviously, I am a huge fan of this journal and recommend it to all my friends and family.
I have already given the children's version as a gift and plan on making my boyfriend start the couple's version in the near future!
If you want to check this journal out for yourself, you can here.

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