Friday, April 11, 2014

Revlon Foundation Review

Hi, everybody! Guest poster, Meagan, here. 
I am roommates with Tails by Daisy's lovely Rachel. We keep an adorable apartment and parent a dapper dog together.

She has invited me to guest blog every once in a while about my favorite products and crafts. 

This post is about the best foundation I have ever used. Ever.

Revlon's ColorStay Whipped Creme Makeup is a miracle drugstore foundation.

As you can see I have used every last bit of mine and I am suffering its absence now while I wait to get more.

This stuff really works. It feels like whipped cream and covers everything so well. It feels so light and smooth on my skin and blends in so well. It doesn't feel heavy or thick at all but covers fantastically; I almost never need to use concealer when I use it. It stays on throughout the day too.

I bought it in Ivory (I am one of the palest people on this earth), and it matched perfectly. It doesn't have that awful yellow tone most "ivory" foundations seem to have. I really can't stress to you how much I love this stuff. This jar lasted me about 3 or 4 months and cost me about 12 dollars.
I have never been so impressed by a foundation that I want to buy it again.
They stopped carrying my color in town so I am planning an expedition solely to restock my supply.
I am a former foundation commitment-phobe and this stuff has me buying a ring.

If you guys have tried this and liked it (or didn't) let us know!
Or if you have any other great foundation recommendations for super pale girls send them over.
(Rachel and I are pretty much tied in apartment pale-girl competitions)



  1. I really enjoy the Revlon PhotoReady BB cream! Great coverage but light enough for the summer weather!

    Kate ~ Beautiboe ♥
    Follow me on blog lovin!
    I'll follow back!

  2. That sounds great for summer, I was looking for a BB cream for everyday wear in the summer. Thanks for the suggestion! And I'll definitely follow you :)