Sunday, April 13, 2014

ELF Brush Reviews

I like to keep my make up simple.
I just want to cover up what I need to, arrange the rest properly, and get out of there. 
I was always a finger-application girl but have been trying to branch out a bit. 
I have tried a few ELF brushes and wanted to provide a few reviews for you guys.
First, I want to say I have tried 2 brushes from their studio line and I do not recommend them. They feel harsh on the face and the hairs fall out all over!
The professional line  is a whole different story! The ones I have tried are so soft and don't shed at all. I absolutely love them and prefer them over any other brushes I have tried. 
My absolute favorite is the kabuki brush. 

Doesn't it look so soft?! It feels like a kitten being rubbed on my face.
For three dollars this is so worth it! I use this for setting powder and I am in love. 
I recommend this brush 100%!

This one is their stippling brush. I had never tried this type of brush before but I am really liking it! It is taking me awhile to figure out the best ways to use it, but that is just my ineptitude. This brush doesn't shed and applies liquid foundation really well! I definitely recommend this brush, especially if you know more about applying makeup than me (you probably do).

I look forward to trying more of the ELF brushes and their other products. It can be hit or miss but with almost everything in their line being under three dollars, it is a pretty safe gamble. 

Hope you enjoyed my reviews!
Happy shopping,

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